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ONE MASSAGE is located in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota 216 N 14th St Bismarck

Are you ready for the next step on your healing journey?

Join the Holistic Healing Collective

An Innovative Membership Program at OM: Tension Relief Center… with a special focus on self-care

Ready to commit to your long-term health & self-care in our modern era of chronic stress?

Or feel called to share your healing gifts, but no location to practice?




You get…

50% OFF OM: Tension Relief Center Services

& One FREE 20 min Cedar Infrared Session A Month

60 Min R.E.S.T Float Therapy Session

Float your stress and worries away.

A unique, weightless experience to help you find relaxation in our modern world. 

Did you know…?

A 2001 study found that patients suffering from severe chronic pain who used float therapy experienced significantly decreased muscle tension pain levels, improved mental outlook, and improved sleep. Several other studies have linked a remarkable improvement in symptoms for fibromyalgia patients. 😲

Overwhelm and burn-out keeping you from the activities you enjoy? 

Float therapy can offer many benefits…

  • Improved mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Relief from injuries, chronic pain, tension, headaches, and more
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Enhanced focus and boosted creativity
  • A stronger immune system
  • Improved athletic performance and quicker muscle recovery

(ONLY $49.50 with a membership – VALUE $99)


30 Min Cedar Far-Infrared Sauna Session

Warm Up your bones and relax your muscles. 

Did you know…?

A 2009 study found that using an infrared sauna had clinical improvement for pain, stiffness, and fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis patients. 

Tired of pain and fatigue keeping a hold on your life?

Infrared saunas can have many benefits…

  • better sleep
  • relaxation
  • post-exercise recovery
  • relief from sore muscles
  • relief from joint pain such as arthritis
  • clear and tighter skin
  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • immune system support
  • improved circulation
  • help with chronic fatigue

(ONLY $13.50 with a membership – VALUE $27)



    30 Min DIY Foot Soak & Complimentary Tea

    Taking care of your feet is so important for your overall health.

    On your feet all day?

    Did you know….?

    Soaking your feet in Epsom salt can have many healing benefits.

    • Relieves stress and helps you feel relaxed
    • Eases pain and muscle cramps
    • Boosts nerve and muscle function
    • Helps prevent blood clots

    Tea can be for relaxing, relieving, and uplifting your spirit, as well as offering many overall health benefits. It is also a great way to connect with people.

    (ONLY $13.50 with a membership – VALUE $27)






    Even just ONE of these services once a month would pay for your membership in savings! 

    with the potential for hundreds of dollars of savings for your overall wellness. 



    If you bring a friend at the same time as you (simultaneous appointments)…

    …they get 50% off too! 

    Are you ready to invest in your health?


    If you are committed (or want to be) to addressing our growing health problems in relation to chronic stress… for yourself or as a career path, we have a have space for you.

    Wellness Level

    ONLY $25 / month 


    • 50% off float therapy sessions, infrared sauna, and foot soaks at OM: Tension Relief Center
    • One FREE DIY Foot Soak & Complimentary Tea / month
    • Access to the private Holistic Healing Collective Facebook Group (an intentional whole health community of wellness seekers and practitioners in Bismarck-Mandan)
    • If you bring a friend at the same time as you, they get 50% off too (simultaneous appointments)!


    Practitioner Level

    ONLY $30 / month 

    Everything included at the wellness level


    • Access to an online calendar to schedule clients in the semi-private treatment areas
    • Added to an online Holistic Healing Collective practitioner directory
    • Connection & collaboration with other practitioners
    • Beautiful healing space to grow your holistic health & wellness practice

    Inquire about the member rates for reserving the semi-private treatment areas in the lower-level during the day or the entire lower-level on evenings/weekends. Which is an additional charge, but only pay when you want to schedule someone. Discounts on long-term reservations.

    Perfect for part-time, beginner, or retired massage therapists, energy healers, or wellness practitioners… very flexible.

    For more full-time subleasing options…



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