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Ian Boyd

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ian was born and raised in ND. He holds a special place in his heart with the wildflower-filled prairies of his grandparent’s homestead outside of McKenzie. He traveled a long and winding road, his education and life have led him through California, Texas, Arizona, and finally right back to North Dakota.

A subtle face massage from a friend in 2000 opened the door to a new world of inner sensory awareness, engaging his journey into bodywork & the healing arts. After some detours, he finds himself “Right at ‘OM”.   

Ian is a lover of the element of Fire: has walked on it, danced with it, juggled it, and even breathed it. Ian resides in a place of wordplay and laughter, yet is most at home when holding unconditionally safe space for clients and friends with bodywork. Ian says to come on by… why be a stranger when you could be family.

Ian currently offers Deep Massage, Swedish Massage, and Yoga Nidra. He is also in the residency mentorship program with Andrea Grigsby for myofascial pain relief and structural integration. Schedule with him today! 

Contact: 314.630.0835  (text only please)

[email protected]


Andrea Grigsby

Founder, NCTMB Massage Therapist, & Educator


Keshia Hoffer

Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher

Keshia specializes in Usui Ryoho Reiki and multiple meditative modalities, including breathwork, relaxation, and chakra. Throughout her own spiritual journey, she has found that she has a gift of healing as well as a life purpose to help others. She values a holistic approach, ever-evolving her studies to better help her clients physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

She was born and raised in Mandan, ND, attended college in Moorhead, MN, and currently resides in Bismarck, ND.

She is accredited by the International Reiki Organization, Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA), and Priority Academy. 

Keshia currently offers Reiki energy healing sessions and guided meditations. She would love to help you! 

Contact: 701.214.2086

[email protected]

Jon Schauer

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Jon Schauer LMT found significant relief in his most difficult times through hands-on bodywork. He found Intelligent touch to be life-altering. He is passionate about listening to his clients. His goal is to help them recognize, understand, and effectively release the pattern that has caused them ongoing chronic pain. 

From an early age, Jon devoted his life to hands-on healing, including traveling and teaching. He went on to receive his certification in Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) from Morter Health Systems, graduated from Josef’s School of Massage, and completed a two-year, pain relief mastery residency at One Massage from Andrea Grigsby NCTMB. 

Jon’s focus in individual care is to be specific, thorough, and effective. Jon would be happy to hear your goals, share insights and assist you with finding pain and stress relief. Relief can begin today.

Jon offers… 


Nessa “Nym” Thompson

Tea Ceremonialist, Tarot-Reader, & Spirit-Worker

Nym has had a long-standing passion and interest in energy work and esoteric mysteries. She has dabbled and studied in many holistic healing areas including divination, herbalism, crystals, nutrition, yoga, meditation, shamanic journeywork, feng shui, trance work, plant spirit communication, ceremony, women circles, intuitive development, astrology, and more! Following a near-death experience in spring of 2021, Nym knew she needed to fully embrace her gifts she has had since childhood and share with the wider community, offering healing and insight. She is also certified level II in Usui Holy Fire Reiki. She is a current Sibyl student at the Mount Shasta Goddess Temple and doing online training with the International Tea Academy.

Nym lives in New Salem, ND with her husband, two dogs, and two cats, all of whom are mischievous. She has a background in environmental science and graduated summa cum laude from NDSU. She enjoys nature walks, crafting, reading, flow arts, and writing in her free time.

Nym currently offers tarot readings, tea ceremonies, charm bags, and intuitive spiritual guidance sessions. Her charm/blessing bags have been kept for years and beloved by many who have recieved them. Her readings have been described as “powerful”, “nurturing”, and “transformative” offering “clarity” and “openness”.  Great for if you’re going through a hard time or need some direction/advice on a big decision!

Contact: 701.516.2686 (text only please)

[email protected]

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